Terrah Hall, LCSW

My name is Terrah Hall, I’m a licensed clinical social worker, receiving my bachelors degree from the university of Montana and my masters from Walla Walla University’s satellite program here in Billings. I currently work with children and families who have been effected by trauma. I am a certified trauma focused cognitive behavior therapist, a certified parent child interaction therapist, both are evidence based therapies,  as well as certified in administering and interpreting specific trauma assessments. I’ve been in this field for going on 20 years and love the work I get to do with kids and families. I enjoy helping kids and families navigate behavioral issues, problems with emotional regulation, divorce, anxiety, self esteem, etc. which often effect the entire family system. I have worked with several agencies in town on mental health well being for children and on becoming trauma informed. I use a holistic approach and incorporate play therapy when appropriate and hope to be a certified play therapist in the future.  I truly enjoy working with kids and assisting them in navigating life’s tough issues while helping caregivers understand  how to best help the child and whatever issues they are facing.

You can contact Terrah at 406.896.1000

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